Beyond others

Your message gets impact...

  • Advertising avoidance is a growing problem, but not with Fifty Box Taxi TV. There is almost no distraction, the passenger is seduced to interact and the commercial gets the attention it deserves.
  • In daily life, multitasking men are flooded with advertisement impressions, competing for attention. With Fifty Box Taxi TV, advertisements do not have to fight through clutter and other impressions. When the ride starts, two touch screens invite to react. There is only one purpose: to experience interactive television.
  • All of the above mentioned, together with the perception of interactivity and sound, not only result in higher advertisement recollection (8 times higher than television), but also n a more detailed recollection of the message.
  • By offering discount and benefits, passengers are tempted to visit your website, store, restaurant or event. Depending on the kind of offer, payment can be handled.
  • All views and user interactions are measured and registered. Advertisers get exactly what they have paid for.
Taxi TV - Your commercial get impact...