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Regarding the audience

  • Wide varied, but well known audience
  • Above average income segments are reached
  • One-to-one communication, high attention
  • Precise measurement of reached audience
  • Pay per view, visit or deal: fair and flexible to advertiser
  • Loyalty programs possible by use of registered events and data
  • Customer retention programs
  • Online billing and reporting
  • Tailor made advertising, matching the current media trends


  • Placing in-content banners, logos and graphical ticker-tape, optionally animated and/or interactive
  • Location dependent advertising (GPS)
  • Measurement of passenger behavior, content preferences and seen commercials
  • Full control over moment, hour, day, week or combinations hereof
  • Determine the passengers profile, using polls, destination, etc.
  • Landing pages in the Fifty Box web environment
  • Continuation of interaction at home (games for example)
  • Customer data-entry through touch screen
  • Interaction with mobile phones (for example by QR codes)
  • Payment
  • Support for events

Customer retention

By means of challenging content and advertisements, Fifty Box Taxi TV tempts the passenger to leave their contact information on the screen or via follow-ups on the website, enabling renewed contacts.
Examples of contacts with a follow-up, whether or not with obtaining contact information:
  • Reserve test ride of a car
  • Getting discount on clothes, luxury, entrance, etcetera
  • Playing games continued on the website of the advertiser
  • Getting premiums (priorities or extra discount compared to other persons)
  • Getting information
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