Fifty Box Taxi TV

Content on demand

Measurable one-to-one communication, with sound and vision and the interactivity of internet.

Do you reach your customers?

Customer attention. An abundance of channels are available to bring your product or service to the attention of your potential customers. Radio, television, billboards, periodicals en newspapers daily bring information of all kinds of products to the wanted customer. But do the mass communication channels have the desired effect? No matter of how much effort you have spent to make the call for attention fascinating, it is easy for the reader to turn the page, or for the listener and viewer to change the channel.

Keep attention...

How wonderful would it be to catch the customers attention, in an environment without distraction. Where your customer can react to the offered information.

We can help!

Fifty Box Taxi TV provides customers in taxis by means of touchscreens and sound, with entertainment, information and advertisement. Just when they have a moment of relaxation, and every (sponsored) information is experienced as a welcome distraction of the mind. See our promo (30MB) or book a pilot taxi for an impression.

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Fifty Box Taxi TV