In which taxis can you find Taxi TV?

What is so special about a Taxi TV taxi?

Fifty Box Taxi TV selects taxis with care. Taxis with the TX quality mark, a mark that ensures the quality of taxis with their chauffeurs, are preferred. Thereby has Fifty Box additional selection criteria. With a Taxi TV taxi, the passenger doesn't just have a quality taxi, but also a taxi that provides news and entertainment.


Fifty Box targets to provide as many as possible taxis with Taxi TV, not only in The Netherlands. Fifty Box has chosen to start in the Randstad, the major cities in the western part of The Netherlands. At the end of 2014, approximately 2000 taxis will be provided with Taxi TV. In this year, Taxi TV will take the step to other countries, giving an international media platform for international advertisers.
Have a look in one of our pilot taxis.
In which taxis can you find Taxi TV?